Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz - an exclusive edition of the new 007 novel

  • 09.03.18
  • Harry Illingworth
Forever and a Day by Anthony Horowitz -  an exclusive edition of the new 007 novel

A spy is dead. A legend is born. This is how it all began. The explosive prequel to Casino Royale, from bestselling author Anthony Horowitz.

Exclusive Signed & Numbered Limited Edition

Sprayed Edges

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What a joy it is to announce today that we will have an exclusive signed and numbered limited edition with sprayed edges of the new James Bond novel, Forever and a Day.Written by Anthony Horowitz, the same author who penned the brilliant and bestsellingTrigger Mortis, this novel promises to be spectacular and reads as a prequel to Casino Royale. Are you ready to find out how it all began?

Our exclusive edition of Trigger Mortis sold rapidly and is already highly collectible, we do expect the same with this novel. We know how much you all love Ian Fleming's original James Bond's and these novels that are continuing the series most certainly do Fleming proud. Please do order quickly in order to avoid the disappointment of missing out on one of these limited edition copies.

Forever and a Day will be released on 31st May 2018 and we are already counting down the days...  


M laid down his pipe and stared at it tetchily. 'We have no choice. We’re just going to bring forward this other chap you’ve been preparing. But you didn’t tell me his name.'  '

It’s Bond, sir,' the Chief of Staff replied. 'James Bond.'  

The sea keeps its secrets. But not this time.  

One body. Three bullets. 007 floats in the waters of Marseille, killed by an unknown hand.  

It’s time for a new agent to step up. Time for a new weapon in the war against organised crime.  

It’s time for James Bond to earn his licence to kill.  

This is the story of the birth of a legend, in the brutal underworld of the French Riviera.

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