Goldsboro Writing Academy

  • 06.08.23
  • Rebecca McDonnell
Goldsboro Writing Academy

Writing is a joy, it’s a therapy session, it’s a best friend, a newborn, a coffee when you’re jonesing for one… It’s kind of an addiction.

But it’s also hard work, and can feel like a long-haul trip with a dodgy map. That’s why we give up sometimes, or don’t start work on that amazing idea we had in the shower, because we think we can’t turn a moment of inspiration into 80-100,000 words. And maybe we can’t… but what if we can?

Writing with the Goldsboro Academy will give you the support, insight and confidence to take your book all the way from first idea to final draft. But writing your book is only a part of the journey. If you want your beautifully crafted words to make it out into the world, you need to ally your inner writer with some level-headed business sense. You need to understand how the publishing industry works – which means how books are sold, how agents select their authors, how writers are marketed and their brands created.

At the Goldsboro Writing Academy we not only inspire the writer, but the author to plan their own career and understand the choices they will be asked to make. That’s why we have publishing professionals, booksellers and the amazing resources of the D H H Literary agency backing up our inspiring writing tutors.

Our first courses begin in mid October 2023 and are for beginner/intermediate and advanced writers.

More information will be on our website soon at https://goldsborowritingacadem... and you can email our course director at