New Worlds To Be Discovered in 2020

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  • 26.12.19
  • David Headley
New Worlds To Be Discovered in 2020

New Worlds To Be Discovered in 2020

Reading a book can open us up to a whole new universe.

Reading is a gift that enriches, excites, scares, and transports us to other new worlds. A book is a unique item that can take us to so many new places. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and see other points of view. A book really is one of the best gifts for anyone who knows how to appreciate it and the best companion to help us with any of life’s circumstances.

There are endless possibilities when you read: fantastical universes, thrilling stories from the present and the past, and futuristic imaginations. Reading is the key that can open many locks, and give us the motivation to make choices in our own lives. Reading can fill us with emotions that remind us that we are truly alive! As we head into a new decade and our 21st year in business, we want to help you visit as many new places as you can with 20% off all in-stock books* until 5th January. Please use coupon code GB2020 when you checkout.

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*Does not include not yet published titles.