Treats, No Tricks - An October Offer

  • 09.10.17
  • Harry Illingworth
Treats, No Tricks - An October Offer

October has arrived and winter is fast approaching with it. What better way is there to warm up on a cold, dark evening than settling down with a brilliant book and forgetting yourself, however momentarily? We thought we'd help you with this, and so for all of October we are running the offer above!

The more you spend this October at Goldsboro Books, the more you will get back from us.

You don't need to spend these amounts in one go, and at the end of the month we will run reports to see who has spent this amount of money and if you meet the requirements you will receive a gift voucher in line with your spending throughout the month. If you've already been ordering from us this month then we already have a record, and these purchases will go towards the required amount for the offer to kick in!

Please note that conditions apply: Orders must be for purchases made in October, for in stock items, or if it is a pre-order the book must become available in October to be valid in this offer. The amount of spend required does not include postage costs.