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Salena Godden FRSL, is a high-profile poet based in London. She's an activist, broadcaster, essayist and memoirist whose work has been widely anthologised. She has had several volumes of poetry published including 'Pessimism is for Lightweights' (Rough Trade Books) and a literary childhood memoir, 'Springfield Road' (Unbound). She has recorded several albums, most recently her spoken-word album 'LIVEwire' (Nymphs and Thugs) which was shortlisted for the Ted Hughes Award. Her poem 'Pessimism is for Lightweights' was donated to The Peoples History Museum in Manchester in February 2020 where it is now on permanent display. In November 2020 she was made a Fellow of The Royal Society of Literature. Her debut novel 'Mrs Death Misses Death' will be published by Canongate in January 2021, it has been described by the publisher as an “electrifying genre- and form-defying firestarter." -