From August 10th, 2021 Goldsboro Books will begin collecting VAT for all book shipments to the EU, to facilitate faster delivery and reduce customs and delivery charges. These changes were implemented to save our EU customers money on import charges and handling fees, and should also speed up delivery, as books should no longer be held up in customs.

All EU-based customers will begin seeing an EU tax item while checking out, and on order confirmation emails. How the VAT is charged will differ depending on the type of order.

  1. When an EU-based customer places a paid order (an order for a book that is currently in stock) they will receive an order confirmation email from us, and an additional invoice for VAT purposes. There is nothing the customer needs to do with this additional invoice, unless contacted by their relevant customs agencies.
  2. When an EU-based customer places a pre-order, or an order that contains a mixture of in stock and future items, they will receive an order confirmation email that details the VAT they will have to pay for these books in the future. When the books on the order are ready for shipping, the customer will need to purchase them through the website as an in stock item, so that the VAT is charged and the VAT invoice generated. Goldsboro Books will facilitate this by providing unique, password protected links to products so that customers who have pre-ordered a book will still be guaranteed their copy.
  3. If you are a PREM1ER or GSFF subscriber, you will receive a password protected link each month to allow you to purchase the subscription book through the website, and thus have the relevant VAT calculated and charged.
  4. We can only collect VAT in this way for invoices valued up to 150 euros. If your invoice has a value greater than that, VAT and import fees will be the responsibility of the customer, as it was before the implementation of VAT collection.

If you have any questions, please email us at