Introducing the Goldsboro Book of the Month Club

From literary fiction and award-winning, to crime thrillers and memorable translations, the Goldsboro Book of the Month Club brings you some of the very best fiction that publishing has to offer. It’s the perfect way to discover new books, collect signed first editions, find limited editions that you won’t find anywhere else, and fill your shelves with books that will make your friends envious.


The world’s largest signed first edition book club


How it works:


Each month we select a title that we believe is both enjoyable to read, and that has the possibility of becoming collectible.


These are books we are proud to have on our own bookshelves and we believe that you would be too. Many of our choices will be limited editions published EXCLUSIVELY for Goldsboro Books.


  • Each month you will receive a new signed, first edition of our choice at 10% off the listed price.
  • We also offer to you a discount of 10% off every book that you order from us.
  • We will also give you priority to buy our special limited editions and as members you will receive exclusive information on these books before we post it on our website.