Death at the Inn (US Edition)
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Death at the Inn (US Edition)
January 1, 1937
Dodd Mead and Company
  • Unsigned
  • Hardcover
  • USA First Edition
Category: Crime
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Book condition

A near fine first edition, in the original binding. Some wear has frayed the binding on the top and bottom of the spine. In a good dust jacket - the price has been torn off, rather than clipped. Wear to the edges, and several chips missing from the spine and corners. A split runs up the back spine fold, slightly less than half the length of the book.


John Gillum arrives in London from Australia apparently a wealthy man and then proceeds to cheerfully gamble his entire fortune away. During this period he cultivates the friendship of Mortimer, the bank official after meeting him at the scene of a murder near the bank. He mentions in conversation that he felt suicide was a very understandable option to someone who had lost everything. When Gillum's body is found, the inquest duly returns a verdict of suicide and blackmail is suspected of being a contributory factor. However Gillum's cousin is so convinced that he would never have killed himself, he engages Thorndyke to try to find the blackmailers and bring all the issues to light...

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