Invitation to a Dynamite Party
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Invitation to a Dynamite Party
January 1, 1974
  • Signed by the Author
  • Hardcover
  • UK First Edition, First Printing
Category: Crime
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Recommended by Goldsboro Books
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A fine first edition, with 1 miscut page. In a fine, unclipped dust jacket.


'You must understand that we are not dealing with petty thieves or one of your backyard murderers, Cribb. We are fighting a secret society pledged to wrench Ireland from Her Majesty's dominion by every means at its disposal.'

The year is 1884 and London is being terrorised by a series of bomb blasts. One of the 'infernal machines' has even bombed the CID office at Scotland Yard and, worst of all, Constable Thackeray is suspected of conspiring with the perpetrators. Determined to help Thackeray at any cost, Sergeant Cribb reluctantly agrees to attend a course on the science of bomb-making in a bid to gain the expert knowledge he needs to infiltrate the terrorists. But before he is ready, he is abducted at gun-point by an Irish-American hammer-thrower, and finds himself an unwilling but vital member of the Dynamite Party . . .

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