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June 7, 2004
Simon & Schuster
  • Unsigned
  • Hardcover
  • UK First Edition, First Printing
Category: Crime
Tags: Crime
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The last major work of martyr-suicide Franklin Koenig before his spectacular self-immolation in 1958, MIRROR shows up in Manhattan where it sells for USD23 million: the highest price ever paid for a post-war painting. The seller: Linda Carey - Koenig's lover in his last tortured months. The buyer: the Modern Art Museum of New York - a dynastic institution as secretive as it is incestuous. But as soon as MIRROR enters the collection, questions are raised - and the role of Ellen Lindz, the curator responsible, is thrown into doubt. Her job on the line, Ellen heads for Phoenix, Arizona in search of the one person who has the answers: Linda Carey. What is the truth behind the layers of lies? It's only when she reaches Phoenix that the pieces fall into place - and Ellen discovers the full horror of what has for so long been kept in the freezing dark - a bloody secret that could blow apart the multi-billion dollar art market. A secret that someone will kill to keep ...
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