The Big Supposer
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The Big Supposer
October 1, 1973
  • Unsigned
  • Hardcover
  • UK First Edition, First Printing
Category: Non-Fiction
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"In The Big Supposer, a distillation of six hours' conversation with Marc Alyn (a leading French poet and book critic of the Figaro), Durrell draws an astonishing picture of himself, playing with words, trifling with reputations and literature. Durrell himself says of Marc Alyn's book that it at first seems arbitrary but in fact has a shape of its own. He aimed at a sort of collage composed of many snapshots. At the back of the book is a horoscope of Durrell, composed by astrologer Moricand from a date provided by Henry Miller (Moricand did not meet Durrell until years later) as well as fascinating pieces of writing by Durrell himself.
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