The Bridge (The Airborne Trilogy)
The Bridge (The Airborne Trilogy)
March 7, 2019
Head of Zeus
  • Signed by the Author
  • Hardcover
  • UK First Edition, First Printing
14 March 2019
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Recommended by Goldsboro Books

Young paratrooper Theo Trickey has had a remarkable war. Boy soldier, commando, intelligence officer – fighting from northern France to the African desert – he barely survived the bloodbath at the Battle of Arnhem. Nursed back to health by Medical Officer Capt. Daniel Garland, Trickey has done more than should be asked of any man in war.

But the British field intelligence have one more misson for Trickey: to negotiate with his extraordinary old acquaintance, General Erwin Rommel. The underground resistance have heard whispers that Germany's greatest general wants to save the Fatherland by any means possible...

The Bridge is the final instalment of Radcliffe's Airborne trilogy which tells the extraordinary story of a young soldier, a new regiment and how, together, they changed the course of a war.

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