Washington and Caesar

Washington and Caesar

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An adventure-filled historical novel about two remarkable men in the American Revolution: George Washington and Caesar – Washington’s ex-slave who escaped to fight for the British against his former master.

In 1773, a new slave arrives at the Virginia estate of farmer George Washington and is given the name Julius Caesar. Within months, slave and master will be fighting on opposing sides in the American Revolution: Washington as commander of the Continental army, Caesar as a member of a corps of black soldiers that will be one of the most decorated Loyalist units of the war.

For Caesar, the long journey from slave to British soldier will be filled with danger. After leading a mass escape, he must fight off hunger, disease and slave-takers before finding a way through enemy lines to claim the freedom on offer to any slave whose master stands against the King.

Washington, meanwhile, faces his own challenges. Having won command of the rebels, he has to turn a makeshift collection of inexperienced volunteers into a disciplined force capable of defeating one of the world’s most powerful professional armies.

The war will bring great victories and devastating losses for both men. With bravery, passion and determination, they will overcome extraordinary obstacles and face each other in battle after battle, neither knowing what lies ahead – liberty or death.

Based on real events, Washington and Caesar is a novel of sweeping power about two remarkable men. With spectacular battle scenes and fascinating historical background, it examines some of the enduring myths of American history and throws light on to the extraordinary part played by former slaves in a bitter war that would change the world.

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