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Something new from Goldsboro Books; a first-of-its-kind podcast for book collectors and literary enthusiasts.

Listen to our first teaser episode to discover what you can expect in this exciting new series...

Spoiler: Expect interviews with upcoming and bestselling authors, insights on book investing and much, much more...

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Confessions of a Book Collector
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Every single title we curate for our PREM1ER membership subscription is a great work of fiction by a talented author, but that’s where the similarities end. We love to offer lots of variety across different styles and genres, cherry-picking the best new fiction when it’s hot off the press. You know the ones we mean; the ones that keep you up all night because you need to know what happens. The books you want to be proud to have on your bookshelves.

Be part of something more and invest in your passion with Goldsboro PREM1ER, a unique book collecting subscription.

Premium limited edition, signed first edition books chosen by book connoisseur, David Headley.

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